Stages of mediation

jigsaw2Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) – this is the initial meeting you will have with me, either on your own or with your ex-partner. Once you have both agreed that you wish to proceed with mediation, your first mediation session will be arranged.

First mediation session – each mediation session will last up to 90 minutes and only you, your ex-partner and I will be present.   Together you will agree the agenda of items to be discussed. I will provide you with a summary of your agreements and any actions you need to take following the session.

Further mediation sessions – depending on the nature and complexity of the issues you wish to discuss, you may have a number of mediation sessions with your ex-partner.

Legal advice as necessary and if appropriate – during the mediation process you are free to consult your legal advisor as and when necessary. If your mediation is for property and financial matters, I will suggest an appropriate time to take legal advice, should you choose to, during the process.

Written agreement of outcome – following completion of your mediation sessions, I will provide you with a written outcome of the agreements you and your ex-partner have reached.  In property and financial cases this will consist of an Open Financial Statement and a Memorandum of Understanding. These documents will allow you to have you proposals made into legally binding agreements.